World’s Most Underrated Beaches

A majority of people prefer beaches when thinking about vacation destinations because they’re versatile and offer enough fun. You can rest under the sun, snorkel, surf or stroll in the sand.

Beaches are also good for picnics due to their beautiful shorelines and breathtaking sceneries. There are a number of popular beaches in the world such as Hawaii and Bahamas.

But in today’s post, I’ll walk you through some of the world’s most underrated beaches that you can consider for your next vacation.


Let’s dive in.

Pyla Sur Mer, France

Pyla Sur Mer is an hour’s drive away from the city of Bordeaux and is located along the West Coast – south of France. It’s popularly known for its beautiful white sand which stretches for a mile and a half. It also has the biggest sand dunes in Europe.

Its environment, leisure, and cultural activities during the summer will give you a beautiful experience.

Capo Sant’ Andrea, Elba

Capo Sant’ Andrea is a tiny island located inside the island of Elba. This section of the island is naturally preserved and the most beautiful due to the union between the mountains and the sea.

Capo Sant’ Andrea is also a tiny stretch of a white sand beach that borders crystal clear waters with lots of spectacular climbable cliffs and marine life. It can go unnoticed easily due to its size but it remains a relaxing and very beautiful beach.

West Bay, Roatan, Honduras

This beach is one of the friendliest and safest islands in Honduras and is located along the northern coast of Roatan. Its calm waters make it perfect for free diving.

In Central America, it’s among the best white sand beaches while globally; it’s the 2nd largest coral reef topography.

The beaches at Roatan West Bay boast of gated resort villages that are quiet, soft white sand and stunning views making them perfect relaxation spots.

Curacao, Caribbean

Unlike Aruba which is preferred by many tourists as their next vacation spot in the Caribbean, Curacao is a less crowded destination located in the Dutch Caribbean with perfect weather throughout the year.

This beautiful island boasts of 35 beaches that can be described as untouched by humans. This destination is perfect for deep sea diving, windsurfing, snorkeling and all other forms of underwater exploration because of its constant trade winds and warm waters.

Second Beach, Washington (USA)

There are three beaches located along the Olympic Coast of Washington. The first one can get crowded and is easily accessible, the third requires a half hike and a difficult mile via a thickly forested trail while the second beach is just right and in between.

Its canopied forest makes it a great destination for hikers. It’s spruce trees, amazing shoreline, creeks and beautiful wildlife will leave you mesmerized. The breeze around your face and the sound of crashing waves will welcome you while approaching the sea.

The above world’s most underrated beaches offer the best beach experiences as popular ones and are less crowded and affordable. They also provide many options for a memorable vacation.