Winter In Finland

Nestled in an enchanting valet in Finnish Lapland, the village of Saariselkä is situated 250 kilometers north of the Arctic Circle. This place was known for long as a popular winter-sports center, visitors have many options for finding a number of excellent ski resorts in the village. Two great places to ski, in particular, are Kaunispää and Iisakkipää, as they offer ski lifts and a substantial number of slopes fitting for skiers of all levels.

A number of other ways to have fun for winter-sports enthusiasts as they can experience while soaking up the stunning scenery of Saariselkä and the neighboring area. While hiking through the area is another way to get near to the local flora and fauna, cross-country skiing can be a lot of fun too. Another popular activity sledging is common among families and there are certain different trails to follow. From Kaunispää, is one of the most exciting and invigorating tracks that run for 1.5kms. However, to successfully complete this trail, visitors will entail nerves of steel and a strong grip as sharp bends and the steep gradient can be hair-raising at times.

To enjoy and experience the spectacular sight of the Northern Lights, a large number of people also travel to Saariselkä. Between the months of November and March, this all-natural light display is at its most vibrant and is an unforgettable experience that should not be missed. To accompany visitors to the best viewing sights, private local guides are available, so that they can really get the most out of this fascinating experience.

No one will doubt that a trip to meet with Santa and his elves in his magical home in Lapland for people who are traveling with children is a joyful experience. Want to see Saint Nick? He can be found in a secluded log cabin in the woods on the outskirts of Saariselkä and visitors come to his village via a special snowmobile sleigh ride. Families are offered the chance to have a private audience with him once they arrived and spend the night in one of the igloos that have been built by his elves, which is an awesome magical experience that people of all ages can enjoy. For visitors who like their creature comforts, there are three and four-star accommodations that are also available.

Another great plan to explore this part of the world is taking a husky safari and this is a particularly popular experience with couples who travel to Saariselkä for a romantic break. Especially among children, reindeer-pulled sleigh rides are also well-liked, and this is a great way to get into the festive spirit during the Christmas season.